Tuna Meatballs

I’m sure that the biggest reason you’ve clicked on this post is because, “Tuna Meatballs” sounds like a huge and hilarious failure.

I expected it to be, as well.

Ground meat is really expensive where we live now. It was expensive back in West Virginia, but it’s more expensive here. So we’ve only been buying it (and meat, in general) if it’s on Manager’s Special at Kroger.

And then last week I was going through my Bloglovin feed and I found this tuna meatballs recipe from Homemade Delish. My immediate reaction was, “That sounds disgusting.” But then I remembered that I had the same response about fish tacos…and fish tacos are delicious. So maybe tuna meatballs could be, too.

I sent it to my husband, who was on board with the idea. So last night, I made tuna meatballs.

They were awesome!

Tuna Meatballs // Budget Girl --- A cheaper and easier alternative to making meatballs from ground meat. This sounds like it would be a huge failure, but it's actually pretty good! #cooking #baking #food #recipes #fish #meatballs

I mainly stuck to her recipe, but I changed a couple things.

  • Lemon zest became 1/2-1 tsp lemon juice.
  • I didn’t fry. I baked at 350 for 15 minutes.
  • As you can see, mine turned out really dry. So the only other thing I would change is adding a little more liquid. Leaving the tuna juice would have been too much tuna flavor. So I would have added a couple tablespoons of water OR covered them in aluminum foil before baking.

Otherwise, I really liked these! I put them over pasta and they were a nice addition. Though they would also be good in my sriracha meatballs recipe…or any other snack meatball, for that matter.

I definitely recommend giving her recipe a shot! (It’s here, in case you don’t feel like scrolling back up. 😛 )

Have you ever used fish as a substitute for something? How did it turn out?

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