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My name is Chelsey. I am in my late twenties, living in Atlanta, GA. My husband (Zach) and I moved here from West Virginia with our two cats (Cini and Kashka) in 2014. 

tumblr_o7hr6asvWb1td8vtjo1_540I’m a self-taught cook/baker, knitter, photographer, furniture revamp-er (what do you call those?), and blogger. Basically, everything you see on this website is something I taught myself how to do. 

I started running Budget Girl in October 2012. because I needed a reason to keep getting out of bed in the morning. One day I decided that wanted to learn how to do All The Things and I thought creating a blog would be a great way to record those attempts and stay focused. Since then, I have learned A Lot Of The Things–knitting, embroidery, photography, cooking, furniture refinishing, etc. This blog is often categorized as a “food” blog because I do an awful lot of that (a girl’s gotta eat), but it’s more of a “self-sufficiency” blog. Or maybe just one very long tutorial on how to stay occupied.

About a year into blogging, Zach and I realized I could actually turn this into a job that brings in paychecks. So he encouraged me to work harder at it to make that happen. So now this is what I do!

I try very hard to put some level of “why” into what I do, which requires research. Such as, “Why does lemon juice and milk work as a buttermilk substitute?” I think experimentation is important. Trying something different and completely destroying it is a better learning experience than getting something perfect every time and not understanding why it turned out that way. When you mess up, the first thing you do before trying again is figuring out why it didn’t work. I’ve learned so much through my mistakes, both in and out of the kitchen.

A few more random facts about me:

♥ I’m what many people have described as, “Weird and introverted” (though “cynical” and “abrasive” come up a lot, as well). I have no desire to pretend otherwise. 
♥ I don’t have kids and I’m way too obsessed with my cats.
♥ Even though I prefer baking, my self-control is pretty terrible so I try to limit that to special occasions.
♥ I try to spend as much time as possible in sweat pants.
♥ I don’t curse a lot on this blog, but I definitely do in real life. If you’re easily offended, we can’t be friends.
♥ I’m a contributing author at Growing Up Gabel!
♥ My content has been syndicated on BlogHer twice!
♥ My guitar shelf was featured in the April 2015 issue of Reloved magazine and on Bob Vila’s site.
♥ I’m not a morning person. If you talk to me before I’ve had coffee, I won’t remember anything you say because I’m not awake enough. But I’m very good at looking like I’m listening.
♥ I love to read, even if I don’t do enough of it. Friend me on Goodreads! I don’t always remember to update, though. Also, if I can’t find anything new and interesting, I tend to just read the same thing over and over again until I do. (It’s always Harry Potter.)
♥ I love board games! Zach and I run a board game blog called Grey Cat Games.
♥ I believe you can teach yourself anything if you really want to and I HATE when people say, “That’s cool! I wish I knew how to do that….” Everything you see on this blog, I taught myself with almost no classes (I took some online cooking classes when I was first married, but that’s basically it and I only did that because it was free). The fastest way to learn something is to stop making excuses and just dive in!




  1. Donna says:

    I see that you made a Feline Health record. You mentioned you were going to make one for a dog. Did you? If you did, I would LOVE to have a copy of it. THANKS

    • Chelsey says:

      Hi, Donna! I’m sorry this response is so late. I am in the process of making the canine health record. In fact, I have it scheduled to appear on the blog on October 6! Feel free to check back or, if you’d like, I can send you an email to let you know when that happens (I won’t subscribe you, I promise 😉 ).

      Chelsey recently posted…Caramel Pumpkin MilkshakeMy Profile

  2. Laura says:

    Oh man! I just came across your blog by stumbling upon your date night sticks. Apparently you were still living in West Virginia then. I was so excited because we just moved to that same area!! I was bummed to see you moved to Atlanta. Oh well, loved your date night ideas. I’m making a jar for my hubby and these are great ideas since we are so close to the things you mentioned.

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