15 Great Gifts for Bakers

If you know someone who loves to bake, there are plenty of really cool gifts out there! They sound lame if you’re not into baking, but someone who is will love them. 

Many items depend entirely on what they like to bake (cookie cutters aren’t so great for someone who’s obsessed with cupcakes). And then there’s the level of baking–I’m more of a casual baker, so I enjoy things that don’t take up much room, are easy to clean, and especially are multi-purpose. But someone who is hardcore into cake decorating wouldn’t mind an entire cart-full of decorating paraphernalia. 

The other issue is figuring out what they already have. There are only so many, “Kiss the cook” aprons a person really needs. And then there are some things that you can never have too many of (I have two sets of measuring cups and spoons, but I could always use more). 

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15 Great Gifts for Bakers

1. Silicone Baking Mats

One of the most useful gifts I’ve ever gotten. (And, yeah, I like useful gifts. Things that aren’t going to sit around collecting dust are the only things I want entering my house.) Some of them have measurements for rolling out pie and for placing cookies

2. Stacking Cooling Racks


The wire cooling racks are really nice for taking rustic-looking photos. But if you have a lot of baking to do, and little room to work with, stacking cooling racks are where it’s at. I got a set of these as a wedding present and they are ridiculously handy at Christmas time. 

3. Mixing Bowl Set

When it comes to mixing bowls, some people do have a preference. I’m partial to metal (like these with the super handy lids and the non-slip bottoms or these beautiful multi-colored bowls) and glass (like this 10-piece stackable set). The nesting bowls have been pretty popular, and would take up less room for anyone who finds storage to be an issue.

Zach got me this 8 cup measuring glass bowl a few years ago and I love it! It’s wonderful for things that require large amounts of dry ingredients (like bread), because I can measure out flour in it and it’s far less messy than using regular-sized measuring cups. Plus, you can us it for mixing, as well. (But here’s a pretty cool one with a lid!)

4. Cookie Press


I had a cookie press a long time ago, but I found it difficult to use. While researching for this post, I found a cookie press with a comfort grip. That probably would have made it much easier for me to use with my carpal tunnel. They make such pretty cookies.

5. Apple Peeler


Sounds lame, but I had one of these peelers a few years ago and it was wonderful! Made making apple pie and dumplings so much easier, because it peels, cores, and cuts evenly. Plus it takes WAY less time. There are also attachments you can get for a Kitchenaid mixer that is probably even easier to use.

6. Cake Decorating Set


One of these days I’m going to learn how to decorate cakes. There are all kinds of decorating sets out there. This 216-piece set from Wilton is probably all-encompassing. But if you want to start small, the two most useful cake-decorating tools I’ve gotten so far are an offset angled spatula knife and a cake turntable stand. They make frosting so much easier. A cake leveler would be pretty cool, though. If I made cake often enough.

7. Batter Dispenser


A good batter dispenser makes such an amazing difference when pouring batter for cupcakes, pancakes, or waffles. There are some that look like bottles and offer precision, and others that pour a little faster and are probably more comfortable to use.

8. Cookie Cutters


Most people don’t need another set of Christmas cookie cutters. But there are tons of cute cookie cutters that you can’t find in stores. Like science cookie cutters (my mom got me a set of these a while back and they make really cute cookies), super hero cookie cutters, and real estate cookie cutters. They have all kinds of geeky cookie cutters–Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Portal, etc.

And if you like board games, there are cookie cutters for the Meeple Sugar Cookies I made a few years ago. Pampered Chef makes this amazing cut-n-seal cookie cutter for the filled sugar cookies I make every year. (Apparently you can also use it for ravioli and crustless sandwiches.)

9. Rolling Tool Caddy


Wilton makes a huge rolling tool caddy for all your decorating supplies. But if you want to spend a little less, there’s a smaller more portable version that I like a little better. 

10. 5-Piece Cake Pan Set


There are all kinds of cake pans out there, but the one I find most interesting is the 5-layer one for making taller cakes. It’s also 6-inches, so it makes those small, adorable cakes. Nice. 

11. Cake Pop Maker


Cake pops have been really popular for years now. I had one of these from Babycakes a while back and loved it, but I didn’t use it often enough. If you find someone who frequently has to make a lot of them at once, there are machines that make larger batches

12. Digital Food Scale


This is particularly great if you like to be exact and measure in grams. We use it for everything, though. Baking, calorie tracking, even weighing packages so we know how much postage to attach. The one we have is from Sharper Image, but I don’t think it gets made anymore. Here’s one with some pretty good reviews, though.

13. Bread Cutter


Apparently you can use cake levelers as bread cutters, but having an actual bread cutter would be fantastic. Bread is difficult to cut sometimes, especially for even slices. There’s one made of bamboo that cuts multiple slices, one that does a slice at a time, and one that comes with a bread keeper. (And there are just bread keepers. Also handy, because the biggest reason we don’t make our own bread more often is because it dries out too quickly.)

14. Measuring Cups and Spoons


There are all kinds of sets out there. Some are cats, mason jars (cute, because it’s a decoration when not in use), or collapsible

My favorite is the stainless steel set I got for my wedding.

15. Kitchenaid Mixers


Let’s face it: this is the one thing every baker lusts after. They’re just way too expensive. 

Did I miss anything? Anything other bakers want or have gotten that they loved? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jennifer Landsberger says:

    I have the baking mats and they’re fabulous! I got them as a free gift from Pampered Chef and am surprised how much I love them. I’m going to have to look into the stacked baking racks, though. I’m always running out of counter space!
    p.s. Visiting from the Pretty Pintastic Party.

    • Chelsey says:

      Aren’t they!? I LOVE my baking mats! And Pampered Chef, in particular, is FABULOUS. The stacked baking racks are absolutely wonderful. If you can find some that have wires that are closer together (or make those nice little squares), even better. That’s the only thing I would change about my baking racks. Thanks for stopping by!

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