15 Cozy Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

Know someone who’s cold all the time? Check out these 15 awesome gift ideas!

We all know someone who is constantly cold. Or maybe you are the one who’s constantly cold. And if you’re one of those people, there are probably few things you appreciate more than gifts that will make you warm again.

If you know one of those people and need a gift idea, here are a few!

Know someone who's cold all the time? Check out these 15 awesome gift ideas!

15 Cozy Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

1. Mermaid Tail Blanket


These are ADORABLE, and would take me too much time to make. They come in adult and kid sizes, as well.

2. Electric Throw Blanket


Electric blankets make me nervous, but are incredibly cozy. I prefer the throws, but you can get some in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. (This one comes in all three.)

3. Fuzzy Socks


My feet are always cold, and they’re usually the only part of me that’s cold. So fuzzy socks are my favorite gift. (I’m partial to the superhero ones.)

4. A new coat!


There are too many style choices to point you in any one direction. 

5. Water boiler


This is a relatively inexpensive gift, and I LOVED the one I had in college. (We weren’t allowed to have coffee makers because of the hot plates.) It was a quick way to make tea, cocoa, or instant coffee. The water boils in about a minute. It’s wonderful. Amazon has more high-end ones, as well.

6. Mug Warmer


Once they boil their water, you have to keep that thing warm. A mug warmer/candle warmer is perfect. Also, this Mickey Mouse warmer is adorable (and comes with the mug!).

7. Heated gloves


Nothing makes working at a computer harder than cold hands. They’re hard to move, and painful if it gets too cold. Heated gloves come with a USB charger and have the option of going finger-less.

8. Zippo Hand Warmer


If gloves are too inconvenient, Zippo makes this handy little hand warmer. It’s flameless, so it’s perfectly safe.

9. Grizzly Bear Slippers


I got these for my dad a couple years ago and they are incredibly soft and warm. Also, they look like a grizzly bear, which is hilarious.

10. Space Heater


This space heater is 1500-watts and the perfect size for heating a small room. It also has a fan, so it can be used on warm days, as well.

11. Heated Mattress Pad


I prefer my room to be nice and cold when I sleep (and then I pile on a billion blankets). But it’s still nice to get into a bed that’s toasty (at first). For anyone with a freezing cold bedroom, a heated mattress pad would be wonderful. But they’ll probably never get out of bed again.

12. Slankets


These are like Snuggies, but larger, thicker, and (I think) softer. I have one that I travel with and it’s wonderful. There’s also a Siamese Slanket for two. 

13. Hotspas


This is a quick, relaxing way of warming up your feet. Plus you can add aromatherapy and it massages.

14. Footed Pajamas


I don’t care if these are normally for children. They’re warm and cozy and you’ll have to pry them off my cold, dead body.

15. Heated Shoe Insoles

You can get heated boots, but I thought the insoles sounded cooler. They’re more versatile, since they can be put in any shoes the wearer chooses. 

Are you someone who’s always cold? What would be your ideal gift?

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  1. Melinda Mitchell says:

    So many genius ideas! My feet are always cold, due to poor circulation.
    Love my Slanket! I haven’t seen the Siamese slankets! Cool! Nope, uh, warm!
    Heated mattress pad? Absolutely the best present ever!!
    2 ut
    Melinda Mitchell recently posted…Finally FallMy Profile

  2. Julie says:

    My husband is always cold but I can’t see him in a mermaid tail blanket, the socks maybe yes!
    I think he’d like the gloves, insoles and slippers too. thanks for the ideas.

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